Sunday, December 27, 2009

hiding again

And she decides to drift away

In to the oblivion…

Where none knows “the start and end of her being”

To be the way she is

And not to prove it all the time

A place where the conversations still live

Of delicate dream of May flower

And careful nurture of sunshine…

Without the worries of…

Ration of the day

And obligations of night

Of endless chuckles

And not scheme per seconds… 

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Roll to reach

Things roll to reach…
I wonder..
If there is something...

Doesn’t start
Don’t need to start
Or to reach...

Just to be as it is
As if perfection…

Is there anything like perfection?
Or there are just mirrors...
Of imperfections...

Trying hard to call
Themselves perfect
And they seem perfect too
At times…

But they all roll
To reach… or achieve
Their own Imperfections…

May be this is the way… to life…

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

tantalising afresh

I had forgotten you
Well almost…
And you came afresh

To tantalize…
All that was hidden
Not to be known
Covered by layers

And to remind
That you are mine

Sunday, November 15, 2009

The in between

the in between stands,
to be found one day...
By one... or some other.
one from the extream...
but to cover...
the guilt of in between.

He who seeks him...
only to find himself.
cause he who covers.
only knows... all covered.
the good... the bad... and in betweens...

Monday, July 6, 2009

rain and you

Its been long that I saw a washed road... not that this city has any less of rains ... just that nothing is enough to wash the dirt that the roads of Mumbai contain and keep close to its heart... it will never let that go... and then suddenly in the mist of all this mud puddled ways I am reminded of you... you when you were washed and came to me first... here...
And i wish i could just be with you... then again I look at someone on the other side of my bed... and see the rational of why you are so unattainable to me...

Sunday, February 22, 2009


So came the morning.... deprived of the warmth of the sun... who chose
to hide behind the gloomy clouds and gave way to stormy wind to fill
the chill in the wind strokes that touch us now and then... freezing
cold ... and damp... the atmosphere seem to be trying to come in terms
with the gloom that surrounds her existence un nursed she was... did
she ever realized... none looked at her for long or even for short
towards this blunt, head strong, rigid creature with a tyrant heart
... a distinct taste for clothes she could never understand how she
stands the other Her ... the stout female she hangs around with and
look at her what is she wearing today....a short red pant which
stopped just before the ankle... a small top and a large coat with a
big umbrella in hand. What a contrast to a well build well dressed
her... still they coexist and relate... the mind that they both had
vibrated in synchrony on many issues...

Manufacturing defects they used to laugh...

She saw her standing at the gate of an unfamiliar residence... they
looked at each other and laughed ... for no reason (the situation
couldn't allow even a hint of laughter...) and when they were done...
they could see the moist eyes which couldn't be hidden from each
she would cry any moment she thought...
no i wont she thought... i have... but not now....
she sees a disfigured smile... but a distinct recognition of empathy...

they stayed together... and let the chilly brease pass through their
hair... for the sake of solidarity... no word spoken... nothing
unearthed... still she knew... its broken... it wont be one again...

She looked at her... she looked at her... and it was known there
wasn't any point to discuss... the ear drum was broken by that blow
and face was disfigured... she could only hear from one ear... that
too echoed... humm they laughed at it....
What if I see a handsome man and he wish to whisper something... which
I wont hear...
And they laughed again... they needed to see the doctor immidiately...
So they rushed....
Doctor after doctor... door after door... tests after test...

Run and cross....
No i am scared to cross... i need to hold hand
There no hand to hold... run at my call...she doesnt notice... the
impact of the statement...
She laughs, yes there isnt any hand now to hold...
She sees bleak dimming eyes.. eyes those used to be wide and full and
smiling... sorry she says ... i didnt mean it.. but run on my call
hold my hand if you wish...

They reach the doc... last in rows... same set of question...

What happned?
I fell...
This doesnt seem to caused by falling...
I said i fell... thats all i know...
Maybe someone hit you after you fell...
The doctor sees the change of emotion on her face... i fell and thats
all i know...

Are you married....

This time the other her laughs... sure she is... what do you think ...
people fall and married people fall often...

No married people fall for once and then they file a divorce... she confirms...

Doctor is shocked now.... whats wrong with you ladies.... if it is a
police case i wont touch this... anyways there is very less chance
that you will hear from this ear again... i will try my best...

Oh no doctor... i wish to hear... other wise how would i hear the
whisper so wishfull... i wish to hear that... i wish to hear more..

And they both laugh... and laugh and laugh...

The doctore precribes... not to laugh and not to be with a mad person
like her.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


I feel a part of u inside me.
Ooo! Yes I know you.
By Your smell...
The unique aroma... of yours

I know you...
From the days of my childhood
When mom put a dash...
Under my arm

I know you
From the days
When i follow your sweet pungent
And reached my moms pallu

Which swung...
Here and there
And so do you
And i know you

I fell for you once again
Discovered you new
This morning
Rays brought you in

You rushed all over
Soothing my pours
Oh! How could...
I refuse

It hung around me
When you left
The day long
And refreshed me at day end

Something in me needs you
Something in me incomplete without you
You fill me... cover me
oo! Dream flower Thank you!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

own me

Would you not disown, when I change punk
When I will come running
In the purple orange hair, to reflect the gay within
And when you see me clad in spares or just nothings

Soaked in dripping clouds if I stand for hours
Will you collect those drops?
Dripping from the string of my stole
Edging fast edging slow....

Would you follow the path it leaves?
And run on it ... as it runs on my wet face.
Trying to mimic the tantalizing effect...
Thinking why it travels with such unnerving slow pace

Would you be surprised?
If it goes at reckless fast at other moment
And make you feel every pour it crosses
With your eyes... and your hands

Would you still hold my hand?
When I decide to fly so suddenly
With the wildest of the butterfly
And then you see we aren’t two specie; But one in spirit

Would you be my light
In those night, when i wish its moonlit
But moonless it decides
And i need you close for that night and forever

Would stand by that window
Waiting.... till i come
Which remains it the memory
We both wish to relive

I can go on
And you know what is known
But would you try to know
The unknown deep inside my heart

Monday, January 5, 2009


An arms distance they lie
Close but not together
she and her pleasure

She recalls when she met him first
The moon was full
Peeping through... that tree of khamar
Which shed its leaves
To help him see through
They stood together
And looked at moon
For endless time
She and her pleasure

When she turned 18
It was him again
To evoke the shy in her
Which she became forever
He just looked at her
Wasn’t near but she presumed they were together
She went ahead becoming old
To grow Head strong and bold
For no reason they seem drifted
She and her pleasure

More she learnt more he resist
Without her knowledge they digressed
To stand alone in hope of reunion
Years apart they gone
She and her pleasure

Now they stand close
Looking at each other
Showing not even Slightest recognition
She and her pleasure...

Lost ..... lost forever ...
From each other....
She and her pleasure...