Friday, October 19, 2007

organdie curtained window
moonlight transing through
changing livid to lucid
tacit bliss couldnt ever explicit
rush of memories
chane of stories
all is white as i say
all is blue as it go

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

blossom of a grass plant,
so shy and unseen
sand due almost nomwhere,
untouched except by air
mariachi in the heart,
unappriciated and unheard
waited in vain....
unable to share the pain....

Saturday, September 15, 2007

freaky september showers
droplets on me
drenching me through
song in the air

crazy easterly wind
blowing in ears
deffening me
calling me over

trails in wilderness
steps in wet soil
embedding in me
lot to discover

stone imitated pavement
patterns in illusion
tempting me
to start all over

a conversation with one of my dear friend

every morn when i feel..........i am in love..
warm morning sun
the solitude speaks embraces
radio doesnt blare it sings
specks of dust dance in light
life is beautiful......... and yes i m in love
with everything

yes it is so......
it is so when i m still sleepy
and monsoon showers says good morning
when i want to get drenched
and more.....remain this way forever

and when body and soul become one
eyes see none
but only blurred boundaries
droplet makes u shiver
in cold november rain

when wind blow in my ears
and late night walk go nowher
i feel (miss) those arms around my shoulders
life is really beautiful dear....... and yes me too in love

whos arms the eye searches
when day and night merges
darkness is no more dark
it only shows another morning
with no one but air and warmth
fresh to fill in the mind
and say erase thats gone
and let love rewind
i that soul i live my friend
yes again i m in love

in the mood of romance
in my song and dance
i seek no one but eternal chance
a chance to make true
what i think is true
a day of movements such graceful
a night of love thats soulful
and beyond this chance .... i am ful
with all that is so beautiful
yes this is love dear....... and me too in love

Monday, September 10, 2007

ecstasy- agony

Freaky showers
Drenched the soul
Flavor of ecstasy

Harsh sun
So routine
Cracked the soul
Scares of agony
Lost the promise of a moonlit night
A jasmine dawn
An arm full of afternoon
And a cozy dusk
And two lives.
Who spend eternity in them

Lost the promise of eternal romance
A long walk together
An arm in arm
Feet in tandem
And two soles
Who spend eternity in it

Lost the promise of a flight through the sky
A try to defy gravity
A kiss of weightlessness
An embrace of wind
And two minds
Who spend eternity in it


Quest I don’t have many
Rest I couldn’t get any
Walking is what I chose
Cause I am never an angle of repose