Monday, June 30, 2008

concocts called cocktail

While she concocts her bundle of excuses…. A web of lies around her and him being so silent letting his lady being trapped in lies webbed too well by her… useless details constructed meticulously veining around the truth are lies… rooting deeply in the very presence of the present is the past unhappened…. So dark… she looks for light… and there isn’t any…. Black is to prevail… till date… In being and nothingness… lies are to be there…. Don’t tickle me where I am weak… cause I know even the tickles are fake…

She stopped reacting cause the rationality needs reason and reasoning search for intellect … in her quest for real him even the reality seems dazzled by the lies told to tickle her…. Is this funny?… can rational reasons be funny? Can rationality be loved? Can love be rational? If so where should be the emotional intelligence placed?

Why is it when love tickles rationality gives way to lies to precede her …. To even guide her sometime… and thus she wins over his lady with her bundle of lies….

I wish some people just cease to exist …. At least in my vicinity….

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

dust peck story 2

Sun rises, to make her realize…
Her true potential
The gold in her comes out
With every touch of the sun
While she is alight
In the thin air
Handling her swiftly, lovingly

In two minds she flushes
And the gold turns red
Which one to choose
Of all the suitors..
The sun which turns her gold
With every touch
The air which make her fly
With every stroke
Or the earth which awaits and longs
Restlessly, eagerly… for the unite

Just then as if knowing her well

A gypsy cloud comes rushing
The turbulence is visible
Sun’s is devoid the gleam
Veiled, mellowed and
Gold turns dark…
Thunderbolts threatens the air
So feeble … rushes here and there for life
Stormy winds they say… virile they say
Scared winds… she knows..

The cloud looks at the dust peck so lovely
And he pours… the stocks of emotions
The fluid of passion…
Washed with desires… she looses herself
To find her beloved

They reach the earth together
The lucid harmony flows
On earth which knows
The nobility of dust peck
Can only find definition in rains
They wash the earth together
As she flows with her beloved
As river
And resides with him
In ocean…

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

first rain-3

It is very difficult to call any rain first rain in Bangalore…. Rains had always been very kind to this beautiful city. They come every evening to wash her and make her new before the night comes and plays its game with her… with innocence in the air and warmth in her streets this city gave me shelter and gave earth to my feet which didn’t know how is it to stand (knew only to walk on air and race with wind).
She came to me in many forms … as my first job… as my first shelter outside home … the loner’s walk and friends innumerable… my first achievement and my first mess-up… everything was with her… finding definition in different forms… many memories still find the link to her…
Many incidences which shaped me are cause of her… and I remember my first rain with her… this first rain also has another sweet person who shared her shelter with me (and what makes her special is that we share our birthdays too) and I felt home in this city with her for the first time…
S and me started staying together by March and surprisingly our food habits and cleanliness criterion matched for a happy living… I didn’t know her much from our earlier encounters neither did her… slowly we found and discovered each other in a relation which later to be called friendship… a bond we shared without realizing…
It was the April when we had the first trouble with the landlord and we planned to move… I would give the sole credit to S for finding us a house on the terrace in posh locality of RT Nagar…. What I did was suggesting the craziest way we would take our saman to the new place (and she agreed at the word go) a simple task which we made hilarious for a singular reason that it had us in it…(a big story with naughty tidbits but not here)…
We enjoyed the airy beautiful…house of ours… loved everything about it….it was the month of May the spring was bowing goodbyes and winds suggested rains are not far away…. We didn’t know how it is to be in Bangalore when it rains…. We the native of arid and composite climate lands never realized how it is to be soaked in seconds and feel it for the whole day…
the romanticism was written on the whole sky when we stepped out of the house to visit some place on Bellary road… so much so that the mood forced us to walk on our way back… Aah! The wind so wild greeted us… entering in to our clothes which flew… the skirt which went with her and the brown corduroy jackate which knew nothing about the rain… we laughed (as we always do) while we chatted.. Walking briskly… fast… fast… I yelled… as if to match the wind… we saw a board suggesting “artifacts sold here” and winked to each other… and the laughter that followed… none could ever miss the instantaneous rush of laughter just after we realize our thoughts are so much in tandem…
All eyes were at us as we entered the lobby of a well designed craft (crafted pieces from Andhra but not Lepakshi for sure) store.
Just when we entered the store slowly… cautious of the attention … a little shy hiding the ever laughing spirit in us… she came with all its vigor… she rushed and splashed the whole stock of water she had for the season… she wouldn’t stop… the stop gates are now open and the rush of desire in her mood said she wont stop… she had to meet another beauty the earth of Bangalore.. after it soaks and damps the air of Bangalore..
“Madam! you are stuck” said the shopkeeper… I didn’t realize at once whether he is talking about me getting stuck till the rain stop or me not able to take my eyes off a very expensive wallet embroidered finely by the karigars of Hyderabad… I smiled… checked my pocket… not enough money… humm… S bought some pieces for her wedding and was pleased… but what about rains they won’t stop….
She with her flooding ways of washing Bellary road wooed me to come to her… her sways mesmerized all and I was nobody to ignore the temptation soaked air…the forced encounter of us happened as I hopped out of the shop alarming everyone including S… she said let it mellow down… I knew if it is the same rain I heard of… she is not going to mellow down either she would be there or she would cease to exist… there isn’t any way between… I relate to her more than anything… so much like me… and so S joined… she could also not hold herself… (they say birthdates matter) … the rain washed us along with her dearest friend Bangalore… we performed our first rain dance together on this day on the high way called Bellary road to convey our regards to the dearest Bangalore…
This first rain bonded me to Bangalore as it bonded me with S… both the bonds are for life. I still feel the wetness and aroma of this first rain in my heart… the taste of those raindrops… the memories of the cold wave traveling through my drenched body with each encounter of even the slowest stroke of wind still gives me goose pimples… this first rain changed my life as it added the first dash of romance in my life… the very romantic me strolled her toddler steps on the Bellary road of Bangalore… the never ending romance with self in the company of Bangalore’s air, earth and S

Friday, June 13, 2008

Solitude sought… togetherness found

“a very social human being who also celebrates loneliness sometimes” that was what one of her friends had to say about her… to describe her… she loves socializing so solitude comes to her rarely… still as any other wanderer in the quest of self she is a loner away from worldly tantrum…
Holding on to opposite strings she contemplates the meaning of solitude in her … with her … and presses her mind and a jubilant picture of solitude comes to her….and so the words flow out…

“Whenever I come across solitude…
I wish I am a duct peck…
That lonely drift that it takes
Isn’t it lovely….

Yeh! Says the nod…

Dependent only on…
The whims of itself…
And push from air
See even the dust peck is not alone
Air harbors it and houses it

Another nod comes across…

Till it reaches…
To earth to be one…
With its eternal companion
Its part of itself…
And still different…

The nod is missing cause the person who nodded exists no more… cause at this point storyteller and listener are one… and there wouldn’t be any solitude she was speaking about… cause not even the dust peck is alone….

Thursday, June 12, 2008

appy budday.... in past and in future

to two of my dearest buddies...
belated to one of them... in advance to another....
love you both wish I could tell you this more often....

donno why sometime till the moment you understand the intensity of emotion the moment is gone... yet there are events like such when i recall how time bonded us so well...

cheers to all those days and nights spend in thinking to change the world... only to know that some of our closest people pity us this day.... i bless those as well... cause they dont know whom they are pitying on...

i wonder when we sit together again somewhere in the valley of tomorrow... if we would be able to change everybody's perception about us... as individual and as group...

long live us to do it one day.... individually yet together...

Thursday, June 5, 2008

smirked emotions

A step when it’s about dawn
On the grass dew crowned
Electrifying shock of cool wave
Through the bare feet…
Up till the auricle

A blow of strong wind
On my dripping wet face
In the hot hot summer
Soothing yet burning
The edges of dundrearies

An orange-crimson of sky
And gold of the sea
Turning purple of night
For a while a mesmerized look
Another it is to go

A trail of footprints just two
In tandem and out of rhythm
Shallow marks to vanish
Or the wave so hungry
Only footmarks it feeds

A series of blops on my head
Of the rain called naïve
Of innocent emotions
And naughty delight
Of a drenched night

A lick on the nape so bare
When it’s icy cold
In conditioned environment
A shrug of arousal
Running in nerves, getting on to them

All could be you
To define by effects
On me though momentary
Nah its not
They are just part of you