Friday, January 25, 2008

woman who doesnt cry

Not many people could ever make me cry…… I don’t .... I just don’t cry…..
Whatever happens (quite unlike for a woman)….

I have told people two things repeatedly
1. my attention span is very less (they think otherwise)
2. my emotional quantum is low (they think otherwise)
So I don’t pay attention to so many things that can move people to be moved by it and even if I force myself to attend to such “things” I am not “moved” much.

That’s how it was always… all along but I too have my moments when I wept…. Not a roar and cry but I went speechless and tears rolled down…. Every time I visit such occasions I promise myself not to visit them again…. This promise is turning me to someone who doesn’t get moved ever, so she doesn’t cry ever…..

What was the last time I cried my heart out….. When was it and who made me do that?…. Nah no memory of it….. I have forgotten how to cry….

Is it good or bad?

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