Sunday, February 10, 2008

spring it is.... not me

Could spring be ever stopped?

Tweaking its way through the high rise buildings
Showing itself in blossom of a grass plant
Cherishing the everlasting legend of love

Could you ever stop yourself spotting the manifestations of it?

How much higher you build
How much more you defoliate
how much stronger you fortify... against it

Spring has its own ways ...
To remind you
That you are alive ...
And capable of love


Oreste said...

Bello, ma non capisco cosa scrivi. Ciao da Roma

Hazel Dream said...

oh no ,
Spring is a shameless pervert ..
who visits us to steal a glimpse of our smile ..
and I am Lecher loner .. Who awaits that spring ...
wish I had evility to make every moment another spring .

loving soul said...

ha ha ha.... shouldnt anybody blame the innocents for their lascivious ways.... may the single spring last forever... unending.... to vitiate is not the aim of this spring sooth is the only way it knows to exist