Monday, September 29, 2008

one full year

A plane ticket to and fro...
A bus ticket one way...

Some restaurant bills...
Some dried petals... so pink

A hall ticket of examination
An entry pass to corporate

A scrutiny of my handbag
An inspection of mobile messages

One evening on the sea shore
One night full of festive noise

The smell of the September sun
The rush of receding monsoon

Innumerable 29th Septembers and 14th Octobers
One 23rd....

A suit length of class
A suitcase full of fresh finds

The rhythm of drumming
The sound of silence

An arm length clasp by the window
Before a departure

A brief shock of surprise
Of a meeting

A sandwich crisp and light
A decision that’s right

A mouthful of chocolate
A scoop of banana ice-cream

One whole year of togetherness
One whole year of dreams ... fancies and romance...


Rajan Batra said...

I Liked your the flow of your text.
Is this your writes ?

loving soul said...

thanks... everything published here is written by me...