Thursday, February 5, 2009


I feel a part of u inside me.
Ooo! Yes I know you.
By Your smell...
The unique aroma... of yours

I know you...
From the days of my childhood
When mom put a dash...
Under my arm

I know you
From the days
When i follow your sweet pungent
And reached my moms pallu

Which swung...
Here and there
And so do you
And i know you

I fell for you once again
Discovered you new
This morning
Rays brought you in

You rushed all over
Soothing my pours
Oh! How could...
I refuse

It hung around me
When you left
The day long
And refreshed me at day end

Something in me needs you
Something in me incomplete without you
You fill me... cover me
oo! Dream flower Thank you!

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