Monday, March 31, 2008

lemon tea

Lemon tea with honey ( warm)… that’s what I always have in breaks… many see it from a distance so many appreciate my choice and few other come close and actually indulge in the joy of having this translucent, aromatic, intriguing and refreshing experience.
Lemon teas (I don’t drink one at a time) were always my sweetheart but today’s tea was special … it had a strange intoxicating effect … the redness got more flushed … and the warmth found another definition… for those who wonder what could make the nimbu ki chai special… here are four lines … not mine but so true for a warm lemon tea …
“like a fragile fragrance of your slender nape ...
like that lingering taste in my mouth
like the warm embrace of your whisper
like a seductive touch of your naughty waist”
So apt isn’t it… and for those who know more than this… yes I had been to Mumbai… :). Spring couldn’t get more pink.

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