Monday, March 31, 2008

standing out of love (in context of Prometheus_Unbound's post)

When we are certain that we are out of a relation we should be out at once. It needs a lot of courage to tell someone you loved and aspired to marry that the relation is no more but once you said that there is no looking back, there is nothing to look for, absolutely nothing.
It’s a fraction of second in which a heart breaks but before that there is a whole saga attached as of how and why that person behaved that way in that particular moment. Sometimes we give unnecessary importance to the whole I am missing someone and/ I need someone… calls of our own heart.
Once you love someone and make him/her part of your life, you should be prepared to accept the person with all his/her negativity and shortcomings.
There are so many ways people try to recover from heart break… whatever is your way let that person never know that you bled nah! Never, it’s not about being strong or weak but just being mature. Cutting off all the communications is the only way. Cry if you want… scream if you wish but never let that guy know that you did that. The only way I know is forget about it or at least pretend it never happened. I would have changed my name if needed to overcome a heart break.
I have seen so many people in the mode of revenge after the heart break. One thing shouldn’t be forgotten that the pleasure of togetherness was equal so the pain would almost be equal… blame games only make the suffering permanent… here writers and bloggers are at risk they paint the gloom on the pages and try getting rid of the suffering but they don’t know that this way the suffering becomes permanent and the person go through similar pain every time he/she visits the pages it not only haunt the person involved but the peripherally related person.
You will never get to know, when someone is knocking your doors, if you are busy listening to old echoes.

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