Friday, May 23, 2008

mom's gulmohar tree

The lady with dark toned skin and with darker tresses pleases all every time she smiled her billion dolor smile.
A person in her is an achiever in disguise … a thinker never got the center stage (never aspired for a center stage). Her philosophies remained locked within the four walls of her home and to the tightest circle of her friend… which she made slowly and steadily joining bit by bit….
She stands apart from the mob of so called self proclaimed pseudo intellectuals and delivers the unique single liners as and when it’s needed the most.
She would never go ga ga about what she says or thinks about the issue(s) but when she speaks people listen to her.
Her great intellect leave people mesmerized and they come back again and again for all gyan and advice (I have never seen her giving useless one)
I could never understand how she holds so many strings of her life tight intact and working all the time. No kid could find a mother who keeps them away from the tantrums of worldly life where you have to look good, perform well all the time, be proud about the birth
My admiration for her goes for the way she raised her kids
She never put in there head that they look good or they need to look good.
She never put in there head that they performed good or bad in studies, or need to perform well in studies.
She never put in there head that they should be proud about their birth and cast
She asked them only one thing… be good
And this be good was open to interpretations
Each one of her child took his own meaning of being good and found their niche
I always wondered if she ever aspired or desired for anything
To be someone…. to achieve something
To get something… to be presented something…
She always looked so content that I questioned her ambitions all the time
The rare glimpse of her wishful face could only be caught on the occasions
A bud in her garden so meticulously maintained by her is about to blossom
The remarkable achievement of any of her children is about to be announced
The crazy monsoon cloud is about to pour
I have never seen her making demands for anything… asking for anything… nagging isn’t her trait
Such mellowed lady had only one exception to her characteristic compromising attitude…every time she moved to a new house all she would like to know would be… “if the house has a gulmohar tree in front… or does it overlooks a gulmohar tree”
Growing up almost oblivious of this fact when I look back and remember every house we lived in had a gulmohar tree in its surround.
The symbol of romantic fantasies of Mother … the flowers manifestation passion and desire found a place in surround of every house we lived in…
A simple wish Father granted her for life…


Sonia Gaud said...

u're lucky to have such an inspiring mom! i guess you took her teaching of 'being good' into your writing philosophically...

loving soul said...

the most amazing aspect of my ma’s personality is even though she is so ladylike… in her sophistication and style… she always keeps it secondary… because of her attitude I promised myself never to go by social criterion of style grace and class… I buy clothes to promote handloom when I buy Indian attire and make sure that I buy from a brand which pays the cotton farmer well if I buy western attire … and believe me she never asked me to do it… I just saw her doing it herself and followed…

Kabeer said...

I cam across your blog accidentally and find this post so somple and nicely written. These are very nicely written lines.

loving soul said...