Wednesday, June 25, 2008

dust peck story 2

Sun rises, to make her realize…
Her true potential
The gold in her comes out
With every touch of the sun
While she is alight
In the thin air
Handling her swiftly, lovingly

In two minds she flushes
And the gold turns red
Which one to choose
Of all the suitors..
The sun which turns her gold
With every touch
The air which make her fly
With every stroke
Or the earth which awaits and longs
Restlessly, eagerly… for the unite

Just then as if knowing her well

A gypsy cloud comes rushing
The turbulence is visible
Sun’s is devoid the gleam
Veiled, mellowed and
Gold turns dark…
Thunderbolts threatens the air
So feeble … rushes here and there for life
Stormy winds they say… virile they say
Scared winds… she knows..

The cloud looks at the dust peck so lovely
And he pours… the stocks of emotions
The fluid of passion…
Washed with desires… she looses herself
To find her beloved

They reach the earth together
The lucid harmony flows
On earth which knows
The nobility of dust peck
Can only find definition in rains
They wash the earth together
As she flows with her beloved
As river
And resides with him
In ocean…

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