Thursday, June 5, 2008

smirked emotions

A step when it’s about dawn
On the grass dew crowned
Electrifying shock of cool wave
Through the bare feet…
Up till the auricle

A blow of strong wind
On my dripping wet face
In the hot hot summer
Soothing yet burning
The edges of dundrearies

An orange-crimson of sky
And gold of the sea
Turning purple of night
For a while a mesmerized look
Another it is to go

A trail of footprints just two
In tandem and out of rhythm
Shallow marks to vanish
Or the wave so hungry
Only footmarks it feeds

A series of blops on my head
Of the rain called naïve
Of innocent emotions
And naughty delight
Of a drenched night

A lick on the nape so bare
When it’s icy cold
In conditioned environment
A shrug of arousal
Running in nerves, getting on to them

All could be you
To define by effects
On me though momentary
Nah its not
They are just part of you

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