Monday, January 5, 2009


An arms distance they lie
Close but not together
she and her pleasure

She recalls when she met him first
The moon was full
Peeping through... that tree of khamar
Which shed its leaves
To help him see through
They stood together
And looked at moon
For endless time
She and her pleasure

When she turned 18
It was him again
To evoke the shy in her
Which she became forever
He just looked at her
Wasn’t near but she presumed they were together
She went ahead becoming old
To grow Head strong and bold
For no reason they seem drifted
She and her pleasure

More she learnt more he resist
Without her knowledge they digressed
To stand alone in hope of reunion
Years apart they gone
She and her pleasure

Now they stand close
Looking at each other
Showing not even Slightest recognition
She and her pleasure...

Lost ..... lost forever ...
From each other....
She and her pleasure...


हिमांशु said...

"An arms distance they lie
Close but not together
she and her pleasure"

most influencing start, and powerful expression.

Amit said...

Very touching...i must say in few words u just sketched the different aspect of lifes.....

loving soul said...

thanks Himanshu, and welcom to my space.
thanks Amit ... a lady's world (in actual)is a bit different that it seem from distance.